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Jonathan Brier, Architect

California Architect License # C 34001

Brier Architecture is a full service architectural firm specializing in creative office space, studios, and custom residential projects.

We recognize that listening carefully to our clients’ needs and goals is the critical key to success in each project.  During the design phase, we assume the role of coordinator for the design team – engineers, consultants, and building department officials – making sure all are on the same page and that the client’s budget is met.

Our careful thought during the design process ensures that our clients get the most from their projects.  A wall, a window, a roof – each is an opportunity to frame a view, bring the outdoors in, create spaces for privacy and for interaction, or harness passive heating and cooling.  Form and space, light and shadow, texture and materials, privacy and openness: we use all of these to create environments where people naturally want to spend their time.  For us, that is what makes architecture a humanistic pursuit.  And good design doesn’t need to cost more. In fact, the opposite.  The care and organizational skill we put into our projects ensures that our clients get more utility from their available space, more efficiency in the construction schedule, and a finished product that stimulates the creativity of its occupants.

We believe in the importance of the spaces in which you spend your time living, working, and creating. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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Mix Magazine Feature Article

June 2015

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Journal of Architecture at the University of Michigan

Pages 64-67

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